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In memory of and appreciation for Kate Wills, who was one of our most loyal and enthusiastic members, this tribute is offered. Kate, who had heroically fought cancer for the previous four years, sadly passed away a little over a week ago after experiencing a decline in her health as a result of the disease. She had been fighting the disease for the previous four years.

She was cared for by her family and friends during the latter weeks of her life, and she even had the strength to go swimming with us one last time before she passed away. We are indebted to Kate for her infinite passion and enthusiasm for swimming, as well as for her ability to motivate each of us to achieve to the absolute best of our capabilities.

In addition, Kate, may you rest in peace and may your spirit and enthusiasm continue to swim with us even after you’ve gone, as you were a bright light at our club as well as the entire swimming community in Taupo and New Zealand, and for all the positive contributions she made. May you swim in peace, and may your spirit continue to swim with us even after you’ve gone.

We are aware that you have lately made the adjustment to a new way of life. We must now say our goodbyes to you with the knowledge that you will continue to keep watch over our travels while they are still taking place on this world. Although I will never forget you since you were an incredible person, we must now do so with the assurance that you will do so. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know you, and you now have God by your side. You have always stood out from the crowd because of your lovable nature and your kind heart. During this trying time, I want you to know that you have my most heartfelt condolences and that you have my unflinching support. I am here for you in every way. No matter what happens, I will always be here for you.

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